About Me

I am Jekka Swetha.. A simple person from Hyderabad. I love my family and my friends. They are my strength and weaknesses too. I love to write. Mostly I write poems, short articles, my Own Quotes in Telugu and Hindi languages. I love to express my feelings, thoughts, opinions through my writings. 

My hobbies are Writing, Reading Books, Cooking..I love to cook, Drawing, Listening to music, Watching TV, Learning new things.

  1. very nice keep it up

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  2. Aboooo…..Write Peoms in Telugu also..If not….Translate in English….Sethu….!!


  3. All the best swrtha and congratulations….

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  4. All the best (y)

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  5. good to know you and thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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  6. hi dr frnd welcome to my blog ..your about page lines are small but i think your thoughts are big…👏👏👏

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  7. hi..na blog follow avutunnanduku dhanyavadalu…mee blog bagundi..meeru suggestions ivochu 🙂

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