Jaisa hum sochte hai agar waisa hi hojaye toh use zindagi nahi kehte hai !! Kuch anhoni paristhitiyan,dukh,vyadha bhi zindagi ke hisse hain.unhe hum sweekar karna hi chahiye!!

Telugu translation:-

Anni anukunnatlu jarigite..adi jeevatam ela autundi!!!?konni anukoni paristhitulu ,bhadhalu,dukkhaalu,rodanalu kooda jeevitamlo bhaagaale.

J Swethagodawari’s Quote™

© Copyright @ 3/11/2015


About Jekka Swetha (J Swethagodawari)

I am Swetha….. A simple living person… l am from hyderabad(telangana,India). I love to write….writing is my passion and my hobby tooo..mostly i write poems ..i write stories too.Here..i share my poems..my thoughts…my Quotations & stories in Hindi language # J Swethagodawari

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  1. Avunu, Kashtalu Sukaalu milithame Jeevitham..Sethu…Nice Quote…!!


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