Aaj likhun toh kya likhun..


Aaj likhun toh kya likhun
mann kehraha hai tere naam k siway kuch na likhu..
mere dil me aise basgaye ho tum..
sapne me bhi tum..
haqeekat me bhi tum.
dhadkan bhi tum..
meri saanson me bhi tum..
aye mere jaan…
meri zindagi bangaye ho tum..
Aaj likhun toh kya likhun ..
mann kehraha hai tere naam ki siway kuch na likhun

By :- J Swethagodawari
© Copyright @ 2015


About Jekka Swetha (J Swethagodawari)

I am Swetha….. A simple living person… l am from hyderabad(telangana,India). I love to write….writing is my passion and my hobby tooo..mostly i write poems ..i write stories too.Here..i share my poems..my thoughts…my Quotations & stories in Hindi language # J Swethagodawari

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  1. Wah wah kya bath hai yaar 😊 masth likha hai dunasav anta 😉❤🙆🙏

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  2. Thoka Ami kadhu tq anta chudu nuvu rasina poems lona neenu dunasta

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  3. Hahaha 😜 hohoho 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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