Ye zindagi..zindagi ka ye safar


Yeh zindagi…zindagi ka ye safar..
Har pal khush rehkar..dil khol k jeelo mere yaar…!!!
Kal kya hoga kisi ko kya khabar
Jo karna hai aj hi karlena mere yaar!!!
Achcha raho achcha bano..
Achcha socho achcha karo..
Chehre pe muskuraahat rakh kar..
Har mushkil ka samna kar mere yaar!!!
Zindagi ko aisa jeena
Karam aisa karna
K mouth k baad bhi tum
100 saal jeena hi jeena hai mere yaar!!!

By:- J Swethagodawari
© Copyright @ 28/9/2015


About Jekka Swetha (J Swethagodawari)

I am Jekka Swetha.. A simple person from Hyderabad. I love my family and my friends. They are my strength and weaknesses too. I love to write. Mostly I write poems, short articles, my Own Quotes in Telugu and Hindi languages. I love to express my feelings, thoughts, opinions through my writings. My hobbies are Writing, Reading Books, Cooking, Making rangoli etc. MY BLOGS:- https://swethagodawari.word

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  1. Very Nice Sethu…
    Gud Night… Hv @ Sweet Dreams…!!

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    • life journey prathi nimusham happy ga,manasu tho jeevinchu
      repu ami jaruguthundo avvariki theliyadu
      adi cheyali anukunna eroje cheyi
      manchi ga undu manchi ga thagaru avu
      manchi ga alochinchu
      manchi pani cheyi
      face meeda smile appudu unchukoo
      prathi problem ni smile tho face cheyi
      life ni elage jeevinchu
      karma means work alage cheyi
      chavu tharuvatha kuda 100years cheppukonela jeevinchu

      Nice Poem Sethu…Keep Smiling..!!

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  2. chaalaa bagundi akka

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  3. Live wdh no excuses luv wdh no regrets wen lyf gives u 100 reasons 2 cry show lyf dat u hv a 10000000 reasons 2 smile 😊😃
    Amazing poem Abba kumasav anta 😉😊

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  4. very nice Akka..

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  5. A uko Abba manak manak tq anti no tq plz 😊 Mali tq chepitha chudu neenu plate lo dobasi nanu kuda dukasta hahaha 😝 😝 😝 😝 😝😉

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  6. Zindagi ek safar hai sach kaha tumne swetha dil khol kr jee lo excellent post my lovely Sis

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  7. Zindagi ek safar hai sach kaha tumne swetha dil khol kr jee lo excellent post my lovely Sis.

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